Bookshelf Makeover for $3

Hubby put together this bookshelf for Sugarpop’s room and in effort to save money I decided to use it in Sugarbear’s nursery. It was put together upside and the backing was supposed to be on the other side. I was going to take the whole thing apart and put it back together again. I had started to take the backing off and ended up ripping a couple of nails off the backing, so I got creative. I took some white craft paint that I had already had and painted the ends of the shelf. This part was supposed to be the bottom, but the paint covered it up. I had went to Joann’s and got some more moon and stars scrap paper for $3 and lined the back of the shelf with some adhesive. Voila! Here it is before and after!


The ends that I painted


The ends of the paper overlap, but that’s ok. I will be putting some things on the shelf so it won’t matter much. I am going to work on my window mistreatment and get some Heirloom White to paint my cafe rod then I’ll be done. I’ll post my nursery pics later in the week! :D

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