Painting Progress

I was talking about painting the back door and deck doors after painting them this horrible flat white paint a few years ago. I was thinking yellow, but decided to try the Sherwin Williams’ color Adriatic Blue from the front door and swiped some color on the doors for a few days. I did not like it. So, back to color swatches. I found one that I really like so I am now in the process of working on them. I have prepped and primed the doors using Rustoleum’s Clean Metal Primer which is oil based and very fumey. I do not want to have to prime the interior sides of the doors with this product, so I will have to research another type of primer. Here are my doors prepped and waiting for primer and paint.

Back door

Deck door–the wood underneath needs to be replaced and painted.

Set of French doors leading to kitchen from deck

The deck needs some work so I’m deciding on what to do for it. I may use Rustoleum’s Deck and Concrete Restore, but may have to wait until fall to get to that project. Yes, I am all over the place with projects–painting both exterior and interior doors, still need to finish my island painting, and been doing a little bit of sewing projects. So my goal for this next week is to complete the exterior painting including the finishing up the front porch.

Painting, Painting, Painting

I’ve been doing a whole lotta that lately. I’m pretty much done decluttering and organizing, but I’m sure I will need to constantly tweak these areas. I need to take pics and get those posts out–hopefully this week. I also have sewn two of the envelope pillows, but need to sew two more. I had been working on painting the front porch, but the pollen has slowed me down. I am now waiting for it to  be gone before I can finish up the last coats of paint. I’ve repainted all the white trim in the living room, stairway and interior front door. Now, I’m going to focus on getting the exterior doors repainted. They are steel Peachtree doors and a few years ago I mistakenly painted them with a basic white flat paint. It looks awful! I see a trip to Ace to talk to one of the paint people there and find out what I can do to get the doors prepped (I have rust on  both sides) and which paint would be best. I’m thinking of going with a semi gloss and have some color for the exterior. I keep going to a yellow color. Hubby will be rebuilding the stairs to the back door as well to the side deck. We are going to add some decorative fence post. I want to get the exterior doors painted before it gets too hot (and maybe deck when pollen is gone). My goals are to have all the interior painting projects done (trim, doors, and maybe two big sets of walls, plus the exterior painting) before the kids are out of school for the summer. I have roughly 8 weeks. Oh my. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.

Home Organization 101 Week 11: Bonus Room

For my bonus room I chose my craft cabinet. It was slam full and stuff was falling off. I bought it a couple of years ago before the baby was born to lock up my craft supplies. Sadly, I haven’t really crafted so I pared down my scrapbooking supplies and am going to be selling my Cricket and Cuttlebug soon. I am thinking of going to digital scrapbooking.

Here is the befores

After labeling various containers and definitely purging stuff I came up with this:

Nice to be able to see what is in there and quickly get what I need. :)

Outdoor Fabric

In my effort to learn to sew I purchased some outdoor fabric for the porch from I learned about from Maria at Our Lake Life. She has a beautiful home on the lake and has sewn some beautiful pillow covers, curtains, and outdoor furniture covers. I bought this fabric and went to Joanns to get pillow inserts, a round fabric cutter and a measuring mat.

The pillows are going to look great on both the bench and rocking chairs. I will not put my new pillows out until pollen season is over. Blech.

Home Organization 101 Week 10: The Living Room

The living room wasn’t too bad. I needed to declutter a couple of small areas and get the toys under control. As the kids get bigger I plan on putting more of their toys upstairs in their rooms and maybe have one small basket of toys for the living room.

Here is my living room befores:

And afters

I am planning on sewing slipcovers for both couches this year. I know, lofty goals…but I think I can do it.

Feels so much better to have the living room organized, but realistically I know it can get a bit messy with kids. I bought some baskets for the kids’ books, puzzles, and toys. I need to pair them down and take the rest upstairs.

Family Piano

When Hubby’s grandparents moved, they wanted us to take the piano that they had for many years. We didn’t have any room to store it so my mother in law kept at her home until we could find a place for it. Finally, after Thanksgiving I decided to declutter and make room for it. I put my desk up in Sugarpop’s room and that space could house the piano. Maybe one of my children will enjoy taking lessons.

We use the bench for the computer cabinet, but I plan on finding another chair for the computer area.

Home Organization Weeks 8 and 9: The Dining Room and Kids’ Closet

I don’t have a dining room, but decided to do the kids’ room and their closets. I have been working on both of these rooms and closets and they are always a room in progress. I am not quite ready to reveal these rooms, and  I will post my befores and afters when I am done. So I forged ahead to the rest of the organization series. Week 10 is the living room is my next post.

Home Organization Week 7: The Master Closet

This is supposed to be the linen closet week, but with a nice master bedroom all cleaned up I couldn’t stand to look at the messy closet so I decided to swap the weeks in this organization series. I also did this in my kids’ rooms/closets.

We have a nice sized closet with two sides. One side is Hubby’s and one side is mine. I would like to eventually build a custom closet or purchase one, but for now this will work. I am still mulling over my side and may tweak things so I will just show Hubby’s finished side of the closet for now.

Befores of Hubby’s side

My side before

Afters of Hubby’s side.

The beige containers has our board games and small black container has his ties and caps.

My side after

The metal basket organizer holds my workout clothes. The small black totes holds my keepsakes and other miscellaneous items. I may change around at a later date.

My Project List

On the side column is my project list. I am slowly crossing off the things on the my project list.  The big project is the front porch. Since the first of the year Hubby and I have been working pretty much each weekend on the front porch. The old spindles were rotten and screws were rusted. They were so rotten Sugarbear (#2) could easily kick them off the railings. Hubby and I have made several trips to Home Depot and Lowe’s to get materials to rebuild the front porch. We bought pressure treated wood for Hubby cut out new railings and spindles. It was heavy and wet so we had to wait for it to dry before we could paint. We have now painted all the railings, spindles, porch floor, and added some new decorative things like door hardware, porch light, and repurposed two ceiling fans. The porch is about 90% complete and we are working on the stairs and ripping off the old hardy board to paint over the pressure treated wood that was underneath. After the steps are completed our next task is to build a new walkway. The projects Hubby wants to complete in order is porch, walkway, finish up the beadboard project in the kitchen so it can be painted, and then hopefully by summer we can start our bathroom renovation.

While all that was being done I was busy working on the inside decluttering, organizing, and finishing up a couple of painting projects. I also am doing things like painting the trim, and will be starting some sewing projects. It is super busy here, but we are so enjoying seeing the changes!

My Personal Training 30 Days is done

I finished up my 30 days of personal training. I really enjoyed it. It was great to do both the team training with others and also have private to semi private sessions with a trainer. But, I was not happy to see I had gained 3lbs after the 30 days. I did miss one week of training sessions due to a messed up knee. My knee and diet were my culprits. I need to tighten up my diet and I am going to use the exercises I learned to challenge myself and try working out on my own for the next 30 days. One positive thing is I am getting firmer so the squats and lunges worked. I hope to see more changes on the scale and with my clothes getting much looser!

After talking with Jaye to get feedback from the 30 days of training and looking at packages I am going to try another 30 days and see where that leads me. I am also looking at doing 3 months total of this to get me where I need to be physically. And I’ve certainly want to look good in a bathing suit! I’ve been battling a head cough and starting to get a bit of a cough so I will get over that before starting the next 30 day round.

  • 2013 Project List

    • Bath: Repaint kids' bathroom door
    • Bath: Purchase butcher block and redo master bathroom countertop
    • Bath: Frame Master bathroom mirror
    • Bath: Demo tile in master bathroom shower stall, retile
    • Bath: Retile master bathroom floor
    • Bath: Install new outlets
    • Bath: Install new toilet
    • Bath: Install beadboard?
    • Bath: Repaint cabinets
    • Bath: Install new light fixtures
    • Bath: Add decorative feature
    • Bath: Declutter and organize master bath and kids' bath
    • Kitchen: Declutter and organize kitchen
    • Kitchen: In Progress--Paint island and change out hardware
    • Kitchen: Finish beadboard at chair rail, paint, and install new outlets
    • Kitchen: Repaint trim
    • Living Room: Declutter and organize living room areas
    • Living Room: Make envelope pillow cases, sew lined curtains, make hardware
    • Living Room: Make sofa covers
    • Living Room: Repaint trim and stairway, door, trim
    • Living Room: Add more lamps and other accessories
    • Porch: repair wood rot
    • Porch: rebuild railings and spindles
    • Porch: repaint wood columns
    • Porch: paint corbels and install
    • Porch: replace/repair stairs and possibly stair stretcher
    • IN PROGRESS--Porch: make pillows, add accessories, build planters
    • Porch: repaint rockers
    • Porch: Install new porch light and new hardware for door
    • Porch: Repaint porch floor
    • Porch: replace ceiling fans
    • IN PROGRESS--Porch: Caulk, paint stair railings and new steps
    • Walkway: rip up bricks, rip up grass, level, put down new walkway
    • Bedroom: New bedding/curtains for daughter's room
    • Bedroom: purchase used dresser for boys
    • Bedroom: build bed for the boy 1, and fix toddler bed for boy 2
    • Bedroom: add more accessories for boys' room
    • Master bedroom: Declutter closet, drawers, and organize
    • Master bedroom: Purchase and make lined curtains, envelope pillowcases, and new bedding
    • Master bedroom: Finish painting trim, touch up paint, fix floor transition, and fix part of floor
    • Laundry closet: Declutter, clean, organize
    • Craft armoire: Declutter and organize
    • Computer armoire: Declutter and organize
    • Crawlspace/Storage area: Declutter and organize all areas
    • Prep and repaint exterior doors
    • Replace wood rot below exterior deck doors and paint
    • Paint deck?
    • Build two new back stairs and either paint or stain
    • Repaint all interior doors
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